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  • Manage Dozens of Classes and Hundreds of Students with ease
  • Distribute and collect files and assignments online.
  • Custom Options for Each Class
  • Teacher to Student and Monitored Student to Student cMail
  • Upload and distribute video.
  • Upload podcasts for students to analyze and reflect.
  • Personal Blogs for all Students
  • Create Wikis and track changes made by your students
  • Foster Student collaboration with Topic Blogs.
  • Create, manage, assess and distribute online assignments with ease.
  • Protect student privacy with powerful security and class management options
  • Post your existing learning aids online with Digital Document integration.

Phone: 1-732-835-8196

2010 AEP Awards Finalist Awesome! Many teachers in Deer Park Blogged this year thanks to your easy interface. Keep it up! What a find Jared found!
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Site Redesign: ClassChatterLive is winding down its operations for current subscribers and will be able to use the site till the end of their subscription. We will not be accepting new users temporarily as we revamp our site with the latest technology. However, if you are interested in amazing free blogging and class management tools for teachers and students visit

Purchase ClassChatterLive Technology: If you are interested in purchasing ClassChatterLive custom class management technology please use the Contact Us link. We also offer custom installations of ClassChatterLive on your districts servers for increased security.


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